Work with Remote Medic UK

We are always keen to talk to potential new staff members and have an ongoing recruitment process for Doctors, Paramedics, Nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians and First Aiders.

If you have the right qualifications and would like to gain some unique experience delivering healthcare at major events and remote locations, see below for how to apply to join our team.

Our Requirements

For all staff

Our minimum requirements for all clinical staff include the following:

  • age over 18 years at time of application (you need to be over 21 to drive our vehicles);

  • hold recognised qualifications and registration relevant to the role you are applying for (see below);
  • undergo a satisfactory Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check at your own expense (currently £55) (if you have an enhanced DBS certificate from another CQC registered organisation, dated within the last 36-months, we may be able to accept that);
  • have satisfactory references including from your current or most recent employer;
  • have a good command of written and spoken English (for non-native speakers this means an IELTS score of at least 7.5 with no element below 7.0);
  • have undergone vaccination for Hepatitis B with evidence of current immunity (if you don't currently have this you will need to undergo the course of vaccination at your own expense);
  • undergo basic occupational health screening and be fit to perform the duties of the role.

PHEM Level 5 - 8

To practice as a doctor with Remote Medic UK, you will need to:

  • hold full registration with the General Medical Council with a current license to practice medicine in the UK;

  • have evidence of completion of Foundation Programme competencies within a UKFPO affiliated foundation programme or equivalent (in line with the GMC Standards of Good Medical Practice);
  • have a minimum of four-months experience in emergency medicine (a minimum of six-months EM experience will be required for some deployments);
  • hold current adult (ALS) and paediatric (APLS/EPALS) resuscitation and trauma (ATLS, ATACC, PHTLS) qualifications;
  • meet professional health requirements in line with current GMC standards;
  • be authorised to work outside of an Approved Practice Setting*:
  • hold personal medical indemnity protection (e.g. MDU/MPS) with cover specific to pre-hospital care;
  • demonstrate good situational awareness in the pre-hospital environment with the capacity to cope under pressure, make sound clinical decisions and show leadership where appropriate;
  • have in place private arrangements for the purchase, storage and use of controlled drugs#.

* To be considered for work with Remote Medic UK, doctors must be able to demonstrate sufficient experience to allow them to work competently without direct supervision. In practice, this means having completed training to at least ST3 level or equivalent (we may consider employing more junior doctors, e.g. at the CT1/CT2 level but only where there is more than one doctor on duty and the other doctor(s) is of a sufficient grade/experience to provide direct supervision). The GMC rules about working outside of an Approved Practice Setting (APS) changed in 2014. For doctors to work independently outside of an APS programme they must have completed Foundation Programme training and have achieved Full Registration prior to December 2012. Doctors achieving Full Registration since Devember 2012, must have had their first Revalidation OR have the written approval of their educational supervisor. Doctors will be interviewed by the Medical Director/Deputy Medical Director.

# Because of the high costs involved, Remote Medic UK does not currently hold Home Office licenses for the purchase and supply of controlled drugs. Clinicians who are entitled to hold and use controlled drugs, will need to have their own arrangements in place for this. We can advise on this process and cover the cost of drugs used whilst working for us. All other emergency medicines are supplied by us.

PHEM Level 5 - 7

For appointment as a paramedic, you will need to:

  • be Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) with no current practice restrictions;

  • have a minimum of twelve-months post-registration experience (paramedics with less than 12-months registered experience may be considered on the basis of their pre-registration experience);

  • have in place private arrangements for the purchase, storage and use of controlled drugs#.

# Because of the high costs involved, Remote Medic UK does not currently hold Home Office licenses for the purchase and supply of controlled drugs. Clinicians who are entitled to hold and use controlled drugs, will need to have their own arrangements in place for this. We can advise on this process and cover the cost of drugs used whilst working for us. All other emergency medicines are supplied by us.

PHEM Level 5 - 7

For appointment as a nurse, you will need to:
  • be Registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) with no current practice restrictions;

  • have completed a post-registration preceptorship programme;
  • have a minimum of two-years post-registration experience (nurses with less than two-years registered experience may be considered on the basis of their pre-registration experience);
  • have experience of acute/emergency nursing and/or pre-hospital care;
  • hold, as a minimum, the Resuscitation Council (UK) Immediate Life Support qualification.
Emergency Medical Technicians
PHEM Level 4

For appointment as an Emergency Medical Technician, you will need to:
  • hold a recognised EMT qualification at RQF level 5; e,g, the L5 Diploma in First Response Emergency and Urgent Care or the former Edexcel/IHCD Ambulance Technician award*;

  • have evidence of training and competence in immediate life support, including the use of an AED/defibrillator and intermediate airway management skills.

* We do not recognise FPOS(I) or other two/three day courses as EMT qualifications. Persons who hold these qualiications, regardless of current employment status with other organisations, will join Remote Medic UK as first aiders/EMT(Basic) but may be able to access our own EMT course leading to gaining full EMT status.

First Aiders and EMT (Basic)
PHEM Level 1 - 3

For appointment as a first aider / EMT(B) you will need to:

  • hold a recognised first aid qualification at the level of QCF Level 3 or IHCD First Person On Scene;
  • have evidence of training and competence in the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED)*;
  • have evidence of training and competence in the use of airway adjuncts and bag-mask ventilation*;
  • have evidence of training and competence in the administration of medical gasses (oxygen and Entonox)*;
  • have experience of delivering first aid to members of the public (i.e. outside of a workplace setting).

* Applicants who do not have these skills at the time of appointment, will receive training and will not be eligible for solo-deployment as a first aider until this training has been completed. All first aiders are encouraged to undertake our training and sign-off process for the EMT(Basic) award.

Recruitment Forms

All applicants are requested to complete the forms below and return them to us along with the additional forms listed below.
Application Form for Clinical Staff
Application Form (Form RM-HR-001).pdf Application Form (Form RM-HR-001).pdf
Size : 208.718 Kb
Type : pdf

Occupational Health Screening Form

Occ Health Declaration (Form RM-HR-003).pdf Occ Health Declaration (Form RM-HR-003).pdf
Size : 181.461 Kb
Type : pdf

Candidate Referee Nominations Form

Staff Emergency Contacts Form
Staff Emergency Contacts (Form RM-HR-005).pdf Staff Emergency Contacts (Form RM-HR-005).pdf
Size : 134.119 Kb
Type : pdf

Staff Bank Details Form

Staff Bank Details (Form RM-HR-006).pdf Staff Bank Details (Form RM-HR-006).pdf
Size : 145.448 Kb
Type : pdf

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

Additional Forms

In addition to the recritment forms above, we will also need the following which should be included with your application:

  • a copy of your up-to-date CV;

  • photocopies of all relevant qualifications and registration certificates;

  • photocopy of the photo page of your passport (for identity and right to work checks);

  • photocopy of your driving license photocard and, if applicable, response driving qualification;

  • a copy of your most recent enhanced DBS certificate;
  • evidence of your Hepatitis B immunity status, which can be a laboratory report showing a response to vaccination of >100 iU within the last five years or a letter from your GP confirming your ongoing Hep B immunity.

What we offer

At Remote Medic UK, we recognise that our personnel are our greatest asset and we invest significantly in the development and continuing education of our people. We offer competitive rates of pay* but most people join us because they want to gain valuable experience working in unique and challenging situations and because we offer the opportunity to develop and use an enhanced skill set that goes beyond the usual role for a doctor, paramedic, nurse, working in the NHS.

Many of our EMTs and first aiders are currently undertaking or are intending to undertake training to become a health care professional. As well as the opportunity to develop valuable skills, we provide mentoring and support for our staff undertaking healthcare qualifications.

Other benefits of working with Remote Medic UK include:

  • a programme of continuing professional development free to all staff;

  • regular duties including opportunities to work alongside a pre-hospital medical team including doctors, paramedics, nurses and other advanced practitioners;

  • annual core training including all statutory training requirements such as moving and handling, infection prevention and control, safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, data protection and patient confidentiality, etc:

  • structured training for all staff to progress from entry level first aid qualifications to EMT(Basic) (we require our First Aiders to become competent in the use of an automated defibrillator, basic airway adjuncts and suction, use of arterial tourniquets to manage major bleeding and administration of medical gases including oxygen and Entonox, and we provide appropriate training and certification in these skills);

  • subsidised courses and other training opportunities including progression to Emergency Medical Technician and Advanced EMT via our EMT training programme;

  • the opportunity to undertake Paramedic training via our partnership agreement with the Open University (after a minimum period of service).

* Work with Remote Medic UK is on a non-compulsory zero hours contract basis and staff undertake to satisfy any and all responsibilities in respect of income tax and national insurance payable on any income derived as a consequence of work undertaken for or on behalf of Remote Medic UK Ltd.

What our staff say about Remote Medic UK

"As somebody who will soon be training as a paramedic they have given me support and advice on what to expect and will continue to help me throughout my training"

"Joining Remote Medic UK as a first aider has given me the confidence and experience to treat and care for patients, not to mention the fantastic events that I have been lucky to attend"

"The training is second to none and you are given opportunities to put that training into practice"

"For me, it's been a great way to meet like-minded people and further my career as a medical professional"

"I have been able to develop skills that have helped me in my work in the NHS; not just clinical skills but management and administrative skills as well"

"The key reason I enjoy working with RMUK is that the people are all very approachable . . . It's an all round great company to work for, with people at the centre"

"There is a strong ethic of teamwork and a feeling of comradeship and it feels really good to be part of the Remote Medic team"

"The continuous development that RMUK provides is top notch; everyone is so friendly and willing to help you learn. It really is fantastic for those who want to push their skills and knowledge"

How to apply

To make an application to join us, please download and complete the recruitment forms above and return them, along with the additional items listed to our office address at:

Remote Medic UK Ltd, Unit 1 & 2 Cadman House, Peartree Road, Colchester, Essex CO3 0NW, UK

You may submit the forms and other documents by email but they MUST be in pdf format. If you send files as scanned images (e.g. jpg, etc) these will be rejected.

Once we have received your forms and other items and have checked your registration status (for healthcare professionals), we will contact you to arrange an interview.  You may be required to produce original documents and certificates at the time of your interview. After interview, we will take up references and will ask you to complete our Enhanced DBS checking process online. We will then produce your contract and send this for you to review and sign along with a copy of the current Staff Handbook.

Before you begin work for us, we will issue you with your Remote Medic UK ID card and supply you with your uniform polo/tee-shirts. You will need to purchase blue trousers, belt and boots in accordance with our uniform policy.

If you have any queries about the application process or our conditions of employment, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

Remote Medic UK Ltd - Incorporated in England - Company Number 7701438