Immediate Life Support Course

Course Structure and Content


The Immediate Life Support course is a Resuscitation Council (UK) accredited course that teaches a standardised approach to cardiolulmonary resuscitation, basic airway management and safe defibrillation. Its aim is to enable healthcare professionals to manage patients in cardiac arrest until the arrival of more advanced practitioners and then to participate as members of the cardiac arrest team.

The course is of one-day's duration and consists of lectures, practical workshops and cardiac arrest simulation teaching (CASTeach). A course manual is sent to candidates two-weeks prior to the course and candidates are expected to have studied this thoroughly before attending the course. Assessment of knowledge and skills is performed on a continuous basis throughout the course.

Whilst the ILS course was predominantly intended to teach resuscitation of patients in the acute hospital setting, the content is applicable to all clinical settings and teaching can be adapted to ensure relevance to the candidates own environment.  Focussed training on topics of specific interest to the candidate group (e.g. rhythm recognition, cardiac arrest drugs, transcutaneous pacing) can be included at the discretion of the course director as long as there is no detriment to the core content, which is as follows:


Introduction and rationale

Causes and prevention of cardiorespiratory arrest

The advanced life support algorithm

Skills Workshops

The ABCDE approach

Initial resuscitation and defibrillation (manual and/or AED)

Basic airway management (+/- supraglottic airway devices)

Cardiac arrest simulation


This course is suitable for all healthcare professionals involved in adult acute medical care. We have also delivered the course for military, police and fire service medics, first responders and for exercise and sports scientists working in the rehabilitation setting. Candidates should be reasonably proficient in basic CPR before attending the course.

On successful completion of the course, candidates will receive the Immediate Life Support Provider Certificate from the Resuscitation Council of the United Kingdom (RCUK).

Booking and Course Fees

The ILS course can be delivered at your venue or at our headquarters in Colchester, Essex. The course fee varies with the number of candidates but starts from £160 per person for up to six candidates, which includes course manual and certification by RC(UK).  We do not currently accept individual bookings for this course. To enquire about availability or to make a booking for a group of your staff please contact us here.

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