Cardiac Care for Ambulance Clinicians

Course Structure and Content

Chest pain and cardiac symptoms account for a significant number of calls to UK ambulance services and a large proportion of patients conveyed to hospital by ambulance. Ambulance clinicians need to be confident in recognising and managing cardiac emergencies in the pre-hospital setting where detailed investigations and advanced treatments are not immediately available.

This intensive one-day course uses a case-based approach to enhance the knowledge and skills of ambulance clinicians in the recognition and management of cardiac emergencies. The course emphasises best practice in the use of skills and medications available to the paramedic crew but can also provide training in more advanced techniques that can be applied by the paramedic in an enhanced role (e.g. critical care paramedic) or when working as part of a medical team supervised by a doctor.

Content can be adapted to suit the specific needs of the client but typical content is as follows:

Topics Covered

  • Pre-hospital management of acute coronary syndromes
  • Syncope and unexplained collapse
  • Immediate management of acute heart failure
  • Management of common arrhythmias
  • Pacemaker and ICD related emergencies
  • Cardiotoxic drug overdose
  • Pre-hospital thrombolysis

Practical Skills Workshops

  • Assessment of the patient with cardiac symptoms
  • Rapid cardiovascular examination
  • 12-lead ECG review
  • Emergency transcutaneous pacing
  • Pre-hospital cardioversion
  • Clinical scenario teaching


At the completion of the course, candidates receive a certificate of completion, including an indication of the number of hours of learning for CME/CPD purposes.

Booking and Course Fees

This is a demand led course and will be delivered at the request of groups or organisations to meet the needs of their participants. Course fees start from £1190 for up to 12 candidates. To enquire about availability or to make a booking for this course to be delivered at your venue please contact us here.

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