About Remote Medic UK

Our Mission and Philosophy

Remote Medic UK is established to provide event medical services, expedition medicine and remote area medical care both in the UK and overseas. Our services extend from basic first aid cover to the establishment of a complete medical centre. We specialise in the provision of medical support for complex and high risk events but we are happy to provide a competitive quotation for any size event. Our experience includes major sporting events, music festivals, air shows, motorsport, and other mass gathering public events.

Our approach to event medicine is one of zero drama, quiet competence. Our role is to mitigate the medical risks associated with the event and to minimise the impact of the event on local NHS resources, both ambulance services and acute hospitals. To achieve this we provide a level of medical care sufficient to treat and discharge patients from the scene, avoiding the need for hospital attendance wherever possible. Always mindful that people would rather not spend the better part of their day out in the local emergency department, our clinicians are trained to assess and manage a wide range of medical conditions without referral to hospital.

Planning is an important part of the service we provide and, for larger and more complex events, we work with the event organisers to assess the medical risk profile of the event and ensure an appropriate level of medical provision for the nature of the event and the numbers of people involved. As part of our service, we provide the organisers with a medical plan that can be integrated into the event management plan and will satisfy the requirements of licensing bodies, insurers, etc.

Another strand to our philosophy is that of continuous learning. Remote Medic UK is a 'learning organisation' and this means, not only that we continually adapt our services to ensure that we remain a leading provider of out-of-hospital medical care but we invest heavily in the training and development of our staff. Our staff are our greatest asset and we aim to enhance opportunities for those who choose to work with us. In addition to a core training package for all staff and regular CPD sessions, our staff can access a range of educational opportunities including both in-house and external courses and exams.

Our Management Team

The management team includes all of the Board level appointees as well as senior staff with specialist expertise and responsibilities. This team manages the day-to-day functions of Remote Medic UK and are responsible for the safe and effective running of our services.

Dr Paul D Bromley
Chief Executive Officer and CQC Registered Manager

Paul grew up with a love of the outdoors and of adventurous pastimes (particularly climbing things . . . all manner of things) and continued his passion as a Physical Training Instructor and Mountain Leader in the Royal Navy. With a strong background in both emergency medicine and cardiology, Paul's clinical qualifications and experience are extensive and varied, including urgent and emergency care, critical care, travel and expedition medicine, diving medicine, search and rescue medicine, and disaster relief.

Paul works in the NHS as Lead Advanced Clinical Practitioner in a busy London emergency department and is also studying on a graduate entry law course with the aim of qualifying as a solicitor. He is an instructor for ALS, EPALS and ATACC courses as well as for wilderness and expedition medicine courses. He is one of only 19 UK clinicians, and was the first UK paramedic, to hold the Fellowship of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM). In addition to his clinical work, Paul has a strong interest in healthcare law and, in 2022, passed the examination for the Diploma of Legal Medicine (DLM) of the Royal College of Physicians of London.

Paul has worked in a wide variety of the World's most challenging and hostile environments, including mountainous (Asia, Europe, North America), desert (Kuwait, Oman, UAE), tropical and jungle (Africa, Malaysia, South America, Sri Lanka), Antarctic and Arctic Circles and diving (Antarctic, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, UK).

As CEO, Paul leads the Executive Team and guides the strategic direction of Remote Medic UK and, as the CQC Registered Manager he holds the legal responsibility for the conduct of the Company's clinical activities.

Dr Richard J Booker
Clinical Director and Caldicott Lead

Richard is a military GP with a special interest in pre-hospital emergency medicine developed through military deployments and overseas training exercises. In the civilian sector, he responds for Basics Essex Accident Rescue Service (BEARS), has provided medical support to V Festival, and is a registered DFID doctor on the International Emergency Trauma Registry. He is also registered with Motor Sport UK and is a circuit doctor for the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix and Desert Challenge Rally. In addition to his role with RMUK, Richard has recently completed a full-time secondment as an air ambulance doctor in the East of England.

As Clinical Director, Richard is our lead clinician, providing oversight and leadership for all of the Company's clinical activities as well as acting as the Company's Caldicott lead.

Ms Claire Simpson
Director of Quality and Clinical Governance

Claire is a Registered Radiographer and has worked in the NHS for more than 25 years. Her experience includes general and emergency radiography but in recent years she has been employed as a specialist radiographer in the breast screening service, where she works in an  Advanced Practitioner (film reading) role. Claire has extensive experience in the training and mentoring of more junior clinical staff within a large multi disciplinary team.

As Director of Quality and Clinical Governance, Claire provides leadership for and oversight of all of our compliance and quality enhancement processes including audit, patient and client feedback and learning opportunity capture. These functions, and Claire's experience and expertise, help to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our services. In addition to her role as a Director, Claire works as an EMT(B) at some of the events we cover.

Mr Mark Wigley
Director of Business Strategy

Mark joined Remote Medic in 2012 and became a director in 2013 having moved from a high-pressure job in sales to pursue his passion for teaching first aid and health & safety courses.  He has built up a successful business in this field with his company Meducate Training Ltd (http://www.meducatetraining.co.uk/).

Mark provides strategic business leadership which helps to guide the development of our service portfolio as well as maintaining corporate governance. In addition to his management role, Mark works as an Emergency Medical Technician.

Ms Dawn Anderson
PGCert ProfDipPsyC MBACP MNCS(accred) MCPara
Freedom to Speak-Up Guardian and Staff Well-Being Champion

A member of the Remote Medic UK team for more than eight years, Dawn is a registered paramedic with speciality training and experience in urgent and primary care. Following 13 years working full-time in emergency response for an NHS ambulance Trust, Dawn moved to a part-time role to support a career change into mental health. In addition to her experience as a pre-hospital practitioner, Dawn set up and ran a minor illness and minor injury clinic in a GP surgery and has been employed in HM Prison Service.

Dawn is trained in Applied Suicide Intervention (ASIST) and is an experienced Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) practitioner.  Since early 2020, Dawn has been running her own successful psychotherapeutic counselling practice alongside work as a bereavement counsellor and supervisor with Farleigh Hospice, and continuing to work as a paramedic with RMUK. In her capacity as a mental health advocate, Dawn has previously worked alongside the charity Mind as the East of England Blue Light lead representative for emergency services staff with The (former Duke of Cambridge's) Royal Foundation for the 2018 launch of their Mental Health at Work Website. These combined experiences have supported Dawn in becoming a confident and ethical practitioner with a sincere drive to support colleagues, clients, and patients to improve and maintain their mental well-being.

As our registered Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, Dawn provides a confidential avenue for staff to raise concerns within the Company.  As our Staff Well-being Champion, Dawn leads on matters relating to the support and development of our staff group as well as providing a safe space for discussion and disclosure and offering mental health support for all RMUK staff.


Our Clinical Advisory Team

Our Clinical Advisory Team provide specialist advice and guidance to the Executive Management Team in areas of policy development and clinical management, so helping to guide the clinical governance processes within Remote Medic UK.

Dr Andrew Grieve
Associate Medical Director

Andy is a military GP who has enjoyed a varied training which has included basic anaesthetics and pre-hospital care. He holds the Diploma in Immediate Medical Care (RCSEd), the Diploma in Mountain Medicine, and the DTM&H. He is currently on a long-term attachment to the Australian armed forces where he is completing a Fellowship in Remote and Rural Healthcare.

Andy's early career in expedition medicine took him to Uganda where he led a military team on Mt Elgon, to Madagascar where he looked after coral reef conservationists, to Lesotho where he cared for 150 cadets in a mountain environment. More recently, he has deployed to jungle (Belize), desert (Oman) and mountain (Nepal) environments and has recently completed a two year posting to Brunei.

Closer to home, Andy has clinical expertise in medical planning, minor procedures, deployed primary and pre-hospital care, and cold injury. Whilst with RMUK he has deployed to cover the Tour-de-France and V-Festival in Essex.

Dr Chris Lee SB.St.J., A.E.
Consultant Advisor for Remote, Tropical and Travel Medicine

Chris began his career studying for a degree in geology and zoology before moving on to medical school in Bristol. He brings a wealth of experience in tropical medicine, travel medicine, parasitology, medical entomology and epidemiology and has spent most of his medical career working overseas, having recently returned to the UK following a 16 year stint in Africa.

Chris has held Consultant positions with a variety of Government agencies and departments including the Ministry for Overseas Development (now DFID) and the Foreign Office, and served for 18 years in the Royal Air Force, including as a doctor on an Aeromedical Retrieval Squadron.

During his varied career posts, Chris has worked all over the World, including the Turks & Caicos Islands, the Canadian prairie, the steppes of Kazakhstan, the deserts of Yemen and Saudi Arabia and the lush tropics of Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria and Montserrat.

Chris has been involved with Remote Medic UK from the very beginning and continues to provide expert counsel as well as practical support to all of our activities. Now back in the UK, when he's not doing general medical work, Chris continues to take every opportunity to travel as an expedition doctor on a variety of overseas missions. 

Dr John Chatterjee
Consultant Advisor for Pre-hospital and Emergency Care

John is a Consultant anaesthetist with an interest in pre-hospital care and difficult airway management.

In the pre-hospital and emergency medical environment, he has worked and advised around the world with various ambulance and retrieval services including the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Service in New Zealand, Sydney HEMS, Thames Valley HEMS, Kent, Surrey, Sussex Air Ambulance, Cega Air Ambulance as well as the Thames Valley, Essex and SECAMB BASICs organisations. He also provides medical cover for the World Rally Championship and circuit racing as well as major festivals such as the V Festival.

John is currently employed as an anaesthetist at Guys and St Thomas' Hospital, London and as a Consultant with London's Air Ambulance. In addition to working as one of our pre-hospital care doctors, John is our Consultant Advisor for pre-hospital and emergency care, using his extensive experience to advise the Executive Team on policy and procedure in this important area of our work.

Mr Steven De-Giovanni
MPharm MRPharmS
Pharmacy and Medicines Advisor

Following his MPharm degree at the University of East Anglia and pre-registration year, Steven worked as a rotational pharmacist at Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust for two years before taking up his current appointment as medicines information and medication safety pharmacist.

Steven's role involves providing information on medicines to hospital doctors, GPs, other pharmacists and members of the public. He produces and reviews medicines guidance documents, assists in the evaluation of new medications, and provides clinical pharmacy input to medical, surgical and care of the elderly wards within the hospital.

As our Pharmacy and Medicines Advisor, Steven provides support and advice to our senior clinical team on all matters related to medicines management and policy.

Our Governance and Regulation

As a healthcare organisation, it is important for Remote Medic UK to have in place robust systems of corporate and clinical governance. Clinical governance is a systematic approach to maintaining and improving the quality of patient care. It includes elements such as risk management, clinical audit, staffing and staff management, training and education, evidence-based care and effectiveness, and engagement with patients and service users.  The purpose of all of this is to consistently deliver recognisably high standards of care, with transparent responsibility and accountability for those standards, and within a constant dynamic of improvement.

This section briefly outlines the governance and regulatory processes that exist within Remote Medic UK.
Care Quality Commission Registration (Provider ID 1-455795372)

Remote Medic UK is registered with the Care Quality Commission for the regulated activities of:

- Treatment of disease, disorder and injury; and,
- Transport services, triage and medical advice provided remotely.

With the exception of some limited circumstances that are considered to be 'out of scope', the provision of a regulated activity without CQC Registration is illegal and could result in prosecution under the Health and Social Care Act.

The CQC routinely inspects Registered Providers to ensure that they continue to meet stringent standards against the CQCs key areas of enquiry.

Click the link opposite to view our CQC Registration page and to read our most recent CQC inspection report.

Remote Medic UK holds the following insurances:

Medical Malpractice Insurance for up to £10,000,000 in a single claim.

Employer Liability Insurance for up to £10,000,000 in a single claim.

Public and Products Liability Insurance for up to £10,000,000 in a single claim.


We are registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).
Registration No. Z3081430.

We are OfCom licensed for the operation of radio telecommunications equipment.
License No. 0947623/1
Clinical Governance Group

Chaired by our Clinical Director and including members of our senior staff and Clinical Advisors, the Clinical Governance Group meets three times each year to review matters against a standard agenda including:

- Clinical activity reporting
- Clinical incidents
- Safeguarding issues
- Health and safety matters
- Medicines management and policy
- Equipment management
- Vehicle related issues
- Clinical audit activity
- Staffing and training matters
- Patient and public feedback and concerns
Policies and Procedures

Remote Medic UK operates within a robust system of policies and procedures. Our policies are divided into three groups, Management Policies, Clinical Policies and Safety Policies.  Policies give rise to operating procedures that guide the way in which we operate our service as well as the way in which we recruit and train our staff and the methods we use to gather feedback and to improve our service. Like the service itself, policies and procedures are kept under constant review and updated whenever necessary to ensure that they remain fit for purpose.

Audit and Review

In order to monitor and continuously improve our service delivery, we routinely audit essential activities to ensure that standards are being maintained and to identify any shortfalls in procedure as well as staff training needs. Audit is the responsibility of the Director for Quality and Clinical Governance and and audit outcomes are routinely reported to the Medical Director and as well as to the Clinical Governance Group.

Examples of things that we routinely audit are:

- Hand hygiene practices
- Completion of patient report forms
- Currency of information held in our HR files

We also routinely gather feedback from the patients we treat at events so that we can gauge the public perception of our services and our clinical staff.

Staff Recruitment and Training

We take great care in the recruitment of staff to ensure that the clinicians we employ are safe, effective and current in their field of practice. Before appointing a new member of staff they undergo a rigorous application and selection process which involves both paper-based and face-to-face assessment of their suitability.

As well as assessing qualifications and experience for the role, we check the registration status of the healthcare professionals that we appoint and every member of staff undergoes an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check.

Our staff undergo regular clinical updates as well as a core training package which covers the following essential areas of practice:

- Safeguarding of children and young people
- Safeguarding vulnerable adults
- Infection prevention and control
- Information governance and medical records management
- Safety, security and administration of medicines
- Consent to care and treatment and mental capacity
- Risk assessment and incident reporting
- Moving and handling

In addition to core training, all staff have access to regular CPD sessions and mentoring to help them to review their progress, identify their personal training needs, and move towards their professional goals.

Our staff also have opportunities to undertake more specialist training which may not be routinely available in their other employments, e.g with the NHS, etc.

Management of Medicines, Equipment and Vehicles

The equipment that we employ and the medicines we use are vital to the delivery of safe and effective medical services. We, therefore, take very seriously the management and maintenance of our equipment, medicines and consumables. We have robust policies and procedures to ensure the appropriateness, effectiveness and security of our equipment; these include:

- Purchasing from reliable and trusted sources
- Security marking of equipment and maintaining an accurate asset register
- Routine cleaning schedules for all equipment and maintenance of cleaning records
- Routine servicing of medical electronic equipment with an authorised EBME provider
- Regular checks of stock levels and expiry dates

The safe management of medicines, of course, requires some additional care and attention. We keep stocks of medicines against an agreed formulary which is set and reviewed by the Clinical Governance Group. Our medicines management procedures are overseen by our Clinical Director and include:

- Purchasing from an NHS hospital pharmacy
- Maintenance of a medicines inventory to record batch numbers and stock levels held
- Receiving all MHRA alerts so that we are aware of product recalls and other potential problems
- Storage of medicines in a safe, secure and clean environment
- The appointment of a Pharmacy and Medicines Advisor to guide our medicines policy and procedures

Another important area of our equipment management is that of our vehicles. All ambulance vehicles that we deploy will be properly serviced and insured including, where appropriate, for blue light driving and will be registered as ambulance vehicles with the DVLA. Our staff that are required to drive in emergency situations will be properly trained and will hold an appropriate emergency driving qualification.

Financial Probity

Naturally, we take our responsibilities as a Limited Company just as seriously as our clinical responsibilities. To aid us in meeting the requirements laid down by HMRC and Companies House, we have appointed an experienced firm of chartered accountants to provide accountancy and business advice.

 Remote Medic UK Ltd - Incorporated in England - Company Number 7701438